Thursday, January 6, 2011

And Now, The Make-over

I'm sure we've all seen one of those daytime TV shows where they take some poor, fat woman from the audience and put her in the hands of an army of hair dressers, make-up artists, and clothes designers, and by the third commercial break, have her looking like some Commiewood actress. Well, kind of. What this does, aside from giving the mindless women in the audience something else to applaud, is create an illusion. (ie. a false impression or image) It's an illusion because after the show, that poor woman will never again look like that and, it's not who she really is.

Well, it seems our Marxist-in-Chief is trying to do the same thing. No fancy clothes or make-up, but an illusion just the same. In his case, he is now trying to convince the American people that he is, (gulp) just like Ronald Regan, the greatest (IMO) president this country has ever had, and maybe ever will have. Is he crazy enough to think he can pull that off? Perhaps he thinks that since the American people were dumb enough to elect him once, based on nothing but lies, he can con them again. Personally, and based on my knowledge of my fellow Americans, i'm not betting against him. True, most don't like his radical Leftist policies, but, far too many say "they like him personally", as if they actually know him.

As most of us knows, comrade Obummer has been running for re-election since the day he was sworn in. He's never stopped campaigning. But seeing the shocking results of the mid-terms, he, and the people who pull his strings, (ie; George "the anti-Christ" Soros) understand that he needs to create the illusion that politically, he's moving to the center. The reality is of course, he doesn't even know what the center is. To him, the center is simply the middle of the far-Left. This is why the Left, and especially their propaganda arm, the MSM, will try their very best to make him look like Regan. The fact that he's not even in the same universe as Regan, and that he's the type of ultra-Left Marxist Regan hated, means nothing when you're creating an illusion. Will it work? Well, it did once. Perhaps between now and 2012, we'll find out if P.T. Barnum was right about people...


Schteveo said...

The idea of Obama being or becoming a Reagan like figure, is absurd at best!! At the least, it's laughable.

Reagan ran on a platform of unity and everyone being an AMERICAN. The transformation was for everyone to move up. Obama ran on a platform of a NEW America and unfortunately, no one bothered to quiz him on what that meant. And all too late we found out he wanted us all to move down to be alike!!

Republicans want to build up the country to create a legacy, Democrats want to create a legacy first and foremost, the country comes a distant third or fourth behind apologizing to foreigners, taking cool trips and kissing the ass of totalitarian governments like Chavez' in SA.

I'll take the Republicans, any day.

blue said...

but Obama read a book on Reagen while he was in Hawaii for xmas!!!!

Schteveo said...

Yes he did Blue, and I read a book about space, but that doesn't make me the universe!!

Spider said...

Here's Act I of Obummer's magical transformation. I'm sure David Copperfield would be impressed. Remember now, you're supposed to watch the right hand. That way you won't notice what the "Left" hand is doing.