Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Circus Is Coming To Town

On Tuesday night, the American people will get to see the Marxist-in-Chief give his State of The Union speech to the country. It's an opportunity for a president to tell the people where the country is, where it's going, and what he's going to do to help us. In other words, it's a highly-publicized, highly choreographed, bullshit session. You'd get more honesty and relevance watching The Jersey Shore. But there is one thing that will make this address different. It will be, without a doubt, a huge 2012 campaign speech. Most of us know that Obummer has been running for re-election ever since he was sworn in. This speech will make it official.

What Obummer needs to do, in fact, his #1 priority will be to (once again) con the American people. The last time he needed to con the people into believing he was actually qualified to be president, an illusion the MSM created without one single fact or accomplishment to point to. This time it's going to a bit tougher. I think. This time, he needs to con the people into thinking he's actually a "moderate centrist". A centrist! Here's a guy who's been raised and tutored by radical Marxists and Communists all of his life! Now, and in just the past few weeks, he's a "moderate centrist"? When i got done laughing at that notion, i noticed something that i find very troubling. According to the media polls, his approval numbers are actually going up. Going up! Of course, the media's polls are just that, the media's polls. No one really knows if there's any truth in the results they report. No one really knows where, when, how, or by whom these questions are asked, nor do we know how the questions are worded, or of whom they are asked. All we get are the "alleged" results. Any one of the above factors can profoundly change how the results are seen. In fact, they can pretty much create any illusion they want knowing full-well that the illusion will, once again, have a serious impact on what the weak-minded voters will do in 2012.

For me, it doesn't really matter what he says in his speech because i know it's true purpose. Oh sure, it'll be filled with lies about all the wonderful things he's done in the last three years, and how he'll be able do so much more "for us" in a second term. Of course, he won't be specific since that would make the lies obvious. And of course, he'll blame all the usual suspects for everything that's wrong while making sure he continues to look like our saviour.

So, does he (and George Soros) think he can get away with this con again? Do they believe the people are that weak and that dumb?........... And are they?


BOW said...

Yes yes and yes

Schteveo said...

If he's a moderate centrist, I'm a condor.