Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New year


Schteveo said...

Happy New Year to all, time to sober up and get back to the fight.

Anonymous said...


0404: Blood sport ends when Rome stages last gladiator "games".

1862: Greedy bastard, Uncle Sam, imposes 1st income tax.

1902: Michigan and Stanford play in first Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Mexifornia.

1908: 102 years ago, the Big Apple began the tradition dropping of the ball in Times Square to officially mark the inception of the New Year.

1909: The prototype for a real, small government, maximum liberty conservative, Barry "Mr. Conservative" Goldwater, joins a humanity that fails to fully appreciate him.

1968: Splat! Evel Knievel fails miserably, trying to jump fountain at Caesar’s Palace.

1971: Five years after mandating a warning label on each pack of smokes - "Caution Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health" - Nanny State nitwits ban cigarette ads on TV.

2000: The dreaded, highly publicized Y2K Bug is a no show on New Year’s Day.

Anonymous said...

"At every turn, Obama has disguised his socialist past, sometimes through grievous sins of omission, sometimes through opaque and misleading pseudo-confessions, and at other times through outright lies."
-- Stanley Kurtz

Schteveo said...

Don't Muslims believe lying for a "good cause" is acceptable? Of course, that means most of our politicians are Muslims.

Anonymous said...


A POTUS who has spent 339 of his first 712 days in office away from D.C., then whines about being forced to “spend almost every waking hour in Washington".