Monday, January 17, 2011

Reality Can Hurt

Have you ever watched someone hurt themselves because they did something stupid? I'll bet you probably said to yourself, "gee, i'd better make sure i don't do that". It's only common sense. So why is it that our government looks at failing systems in other countries, then insists on copying them? In this case, i'm referring to socialized medicine in places like Canada and Britain, both of which are failed systems. Yet we are having those failed systems shoved down our throats, albeit with a more benign-sounding name. You would think the Marxist-in-Chief and his Leftist advisers might wonder why so many Canadians come to the U.S. for their serious medical needs. If this was really about health care they would. It's not. What it's really about is, CONTROL.

Human nature being what it is, once you give people something for nothing, and get them used to getting it for free, you are going to have one hell-of-a-time taking it away, or even cutting it back. Personally, i think the Brits are in for some rough times (as in civil unrest?) over this move, but it's one they really can't avoid, because like us, they too are broke. It's a great feeling to give things away, assuming you can afford it. If you can't, well, that's when the reality sets in, and it's gonna hurt. Even wealthy nations (like we used to be) can't afford to keep giving everything away forever, a fact the fuzzy-brained bleeding hearts of the Left choose to ignore. Unfortunately, we're not smart enough to learn a lesson that's unfolding right in front of us, so we'll go ahead and imitate the losers. If you wanted to learn how to drive a race car, would you learn from the guy who comes in first, or the guy who comes in last? DUH...

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Schteveo said...

I read this yesterday. And like you, it leaves me guessing WHY anyone could be fooled into believing in this shit.