Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing Missy

The community needs YOUR help


Schteveo said...

Aw, that poor lady lost her kitty! And that mean man is making fun of her!!

I hope the kitty doesn't run out on the freeway and meet a Peterbilt!!

(or several big trucks!)

Spider said...

I thought you were talking about "our" missing Missy. Married life must be keeping her busy, assuming she's still married. Come to think of it, it's getting like the YMCA around here.

BOW said...

It was a double entendre. Please don't make me speak French....Although the French have contributed to society in a few ways.
To think of it, if they don't surrender every 25 years or so, there would be no men to knock up the women.
Their "men" are busy dressing as women, waving white flags, or, or...., uh, or both.

Schteveo said...

HEY, don't make fun of the French, they are, according to our C in C, THE United State's BIGGEST ally and friend!!!