Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More like a "Shirt, half-stuffed kinda guy".

By a show of hands, does anyone think RNC Chairman Michael Steele has done anything for them in the last few years? Was he instrumental in getting the Republicans back into control of the House?

OR, did they take the House IN SPITE of the RNC and Steele?

It's the latter, IMHO. Most of the new House seats are Tea Party backed, staunch Conservatives, which Steele certainly is NOT. If Steele had such good ideas on candidates and voter wants, not to mention conservative ideals, how come he backed the RINO candidate in MA and fought the Tea Party candidate in DE by backing the well connected, lifer politician candidate there?! BTW, the conservative voters of DE voted AGAINST Steele's man, and even when it was clear that Christine O'Donnell would win the Primary and afterward, Steele and the RNC did NOT help her.

Steele said HE presided over the gains last November, that HE was instrumental in the money the RNC got last year and that HE is a "glass half-full kinda guy" who knows there is still work to do. Well, I think, most of the visible Republicans we see today, Steele like Romney and McCain, is a Shirt half-stuffed kinda guy!
Steele, like the rest of the semi-conservative, limp spined RNC members need to go. The sooner, the better.
And just as an aside, the top money raiser for the RNC is Barack Hussein Obama!!. With a close second place being a tie between the disaster twins, Nancy and Harry. It was, after all, the American people being dictated to and lorded over for two years that filled to RNC coffers with fresh money and the House of Representatives with Conservative Republicans.


Spider said...

Let's face it, the only reason Steele got that job was to show so-called minorities that Republicans are not racist. Of course, it was a total waste of time and effort, since the black vote will never go to Republicans unless the Repubs join the Demoncrats and vote to increase all govt. handout programs.

Personally, i don't think it really matters who runs the RNC. What the whole party needs to understand is that they had better wake-up and grow some balls. The last time the Repubs controlled the entire congress, one always got the impression that the Demoncrats were still in charge and getting what they wanted. IMO, the Repub party is still top-heavy with left-over weaklings, too eager to "talk and compromise". Well, they should compromise as much as the Dems did with them in the last 3 years. (ie. ZERO)

Also, the Tea Party people need to understand that this is not the time to sit back, relax, and gloat over their recent victories. The war with the Left goes on, and it's a war that can only be won by "aggressive" action. (yes, like the left always does) We were the Silent Majority at one time. It's that silence that caused us to lose our govt, and almost lose our country.

Spider said...

Here is advanced warning from the Marxist-in-Chief that the will of the people, democracy, and the constitution, no longer matter. It is his way of telling the American people that they are now his subjects.


Schteveo said...

Once again, instead of DOING anything substantive, he threatens people. Typical tyrant.