Friday, January 28, 2011

"...traditionally, guns don't go off without someone's finger on the trigger."

Because I don't always feel up to watching, I record Glenn Beck daily. Then I play catchup later. I got REALLY behind over Christmas because of the holidays and Mrs. Schteveo took some vacation in January too.
Today I'm watching a show from Jan 19th.

There's a crawl on the screen that says,

"...a 15 y/o girls is fighting for her life after a school shooting... ...she's one of two girls shot when a gun hidden in a backpack ACCIDENTLY went off..."
I refer you to two things, the Title Bar is a statement from the LAPD PIO, and he's full of shit. Guns get dropped and knocked over EVERYday and go off ACCIDENTLY. TRADITIONALLY, anyone who handles guns knows this, you'd think a policeman would be in that group. I doubt anyone taught that to Junior, Jamal or Julio (I'm going for all three races here) and so he dropped his book bag on his desk, firing the pistol.

That was Number One.

Number Two is, there is NO such word as ACCIDENTLY. FOX eventually corrected the spelling. I can only ASS U ME that FOX Editors never heard of Spell Check. Sad, huh? The LAPD will most likely promote the PIO to get him out of the way. Maybe he should teach firearms safety to HS, JR or Primary School gangbangers to help save some lives! Right after he learns some.
Schteveo is having a bad day

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Spider said...

Hey, it's Mexifornia, what do you expect.
Fact 1: you should understand the LAPD is probably the most PC police department in the country. And the NYPD isn't that far behind them.

Fact 2: almost everyone "in the hood" carries a piece, (or has access to one) and i've never heard of any of them taking a firearms safety course.