Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here's the answer, ARM the citizens!!

Camden NJ, a real whole by any normal tally, is laying off HALF it's cops. But the answer is easy. Just arm all the citizens.
Go back and look at times when the general citizenry was armed. It, oddly, is a time where major crime goes down. Why? Because 'bad guys' never know who can, or will, shoot back, cut back, swing back.
Look at the states where we have concealed carry. Crime goes down, Where is crime the worst? NY, IL, CA, NJ,...all those places with the toughest gun control laws.
Hell, look at what happened in Australia!! When they outlawed guns, gun related crime went up 400% over the next two years!!

Just hand out guns in Camden. OK, but maybe not ALL the citizens, you just need to give out 250 or 300 guns. If BJ, JW, Ray-Ray, Snub, Thug, Taco Boy and Tookie don't know whether Grandma is packing or not, they may think twice about stealing her SS check and her EBT card.


BOW said...

Arm ALL the citizens. The non-citizens are already packing

Schteveo said...

Just arming a few creates doubt in the minds of the muggers. That's what we need, stupid, non-working thugs, unwilling to steal.

Spider said...

The problem with Camdem, or Newark, Detroit, East L.A., and other crime-ridden cities is the same. Too many blacks in one place. Detroit has one of the highest homicide rates in the country. Why? Because it has an 81.5% black population. The same can be said for DC. In East LA, black gangs are kept in check by much larger and far more dangerous gangs of Spanish-speaking illegals such as MS13.

And don't think arming law-abiding citizens will make much of a difference. Being armed is not what counts. Being willing to use it is what counts, and the overwhelming majority of those who carry legally are not willing, even under extreme conditions. Did you see the retired Colonel who was standing next to the congresswoman shot in AZ last week? He's been all over TV being called a "hero" because he hit the shooter on the back after receiving a slight wound to his head. What they don't mention is the fact that he was legally armed at the time, but failed to use his weapon! How many might have been saved had he shot the gunman?

Poot-tang said...

I der wit chew

Schteveo said...

are you shitting me? I had NOT heard that.

The Colonel was wrong, wrong, wrong. Unless his minor injury was to his shooting hand, he's a problem with a gun. If he's not going to use it, why does he have it?

Several of my friends think I'm morbid, because I talk about having "planned" how I would handle myself in given situations. Some of that is based on past experiences, some is based on things I've seen or heard.

I practice pulling my pistol, I make sure it's concealed, but not BURIED under my shirt, sweatshirt and jacket or coat. (Just like I used to practice pulling my knife and make sure only that was in my right pocket)

Twice since I started carrying I've had to show my gun on my hip to keep idiot teens (White, Black and Hispanic) from beating me. Last week I had to draw my gun on a 'crazy' guy who came after me when I went to an industrial park to get some pallets. (I called the police after that. Guess what? They'd already been out there because of him and consider him "peculiar, but not dangerous". Yeah, but how was I supposed to know that!!

I do think about this stuff. Long before I started carrying, I was a person who watched their surroundings in public, I don't sit with my back to the door in a restaurant, I always LOOK in the car before I get in, I don't drive the same route to the same place every time, I scan the area whatever that area is I'm in.

I would have blown Loughner AWAY.

The Colonel was wrong, wrong, wrong. Unless his minor injury was to his shooting hand, he's a problem with a gun. If he's not going to use it, why does he have it?

I would not want to have on MY conscience the number of shots Loughner fired AFTER I 'hit the shooter on the back'!!

Unless that hit was from a Ruger P-95, 9MM, close range, double tap.

(Geez, my inner Wise Guy is coming out...no back to the door...different route every time...double tap at close range...second generation Dago, what can I say...I know...bah dah bing...bah dah boom)

(actually...bah dah boom boom...double tap)