Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If only...

If only our press (morons) could see through the Hollywood know nothings, do nothings, loud mouths as well as this writer from across The Pond.
Bravo, Ricky Gervais! A risqué attack on self-loving Tinseltown
I don't watch these shows and I haven't since Hope or Carson quit doing the Academy Awards. I don't care about their politics, and they think I should. But this writer, like most of us, sees the fool(s) behind the curtain.

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Spider said...

I watched a few minutes of this crap only because a buddy of mine called and told me to take a look at all the Commiewood leftists being insulted, something i found very entertaining. He did have more than a few of them squirming.

Now the question is, does this Gervais guy become a mega-millionaire shock-jock like Howard (the human insect) Stern, or does he get banished.