Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damned if you do, and just damned sometimes!!

Beside the obvious differences, I wouldn't be Sarah Palin for all the gold in Alaska. If she speaks first, she's stupid, if she responds, she's even dumber, if she defends herself, she's thin skinned.
Now she's a racist who doesn't understand semantics. (what, again?)
Today she posted a 8 minute video online, basically answering her accusers over Saturday's shooting.
But what's odd is that just as soon as this happened last weekend, the left leaning (idiot) Sheriff started blaming her and the right side TV and radio. I heard and saw her name several times. But today ABC says SHE is trying to INJECT herself into this story.
Are they totally MAD!?
This whole situation is insane, maddening and dangerous. This is precisely the kind of thing they need / want for a total take over via Presidential Edict. Keep your eyes open.


Spider said...

I saw her video and thought it was strong, clear, truthful, and straight forward, some of the qualities that make a great president. Unfortunately, none of those things matter to the Leftists who fear her so much that they've made her their #1 target. The Left always saves their most vicious attacks for those they fear the most.

But what really bothers me is the fact that Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, and everyone else on the Right who are denouncing the baseless attack from the Left, via their media, are doing exactly what the Leftist hate mongers want them to do. They are defending their cause and themselves at a time when they are guilty of nothing!

As i've said many times, one of the oldest, (and most effective) tricks the Left uses is to attack their opponents with lies, rumor, innuendo, half-truths, and distortions, just as they did (once again) with the AZ. shooting. The theory is rather simply. The Left knows that generally speaking, and human nature being what it is, people who defend themselves, even from obvious lies, "appear" guilty in the court of public opinion. Deep down inside, most people believe that someone who hasn't done anything wrong has no need to defend themselves. And yet, ever since the shooting, almost every conservative was doing just that.

Could those on the Right be that naive that they don't see this? (i've never heard any of them discuss it) Are they so afraid of fighting the Left with the same weapons the Left uses so effectively? The very real culture war with the Left will not be won by being civil, or playing by rules. The Left surely knows this. When will conservatives figure this out.

Anonymous said...

Now here's an idea;

"[W]hile Democratic lawmakers abuse this tragedy, adhering to the Rahmbo manifesto of never letting a crisis go to waste, by calling for a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine or introducing new legislation intended to limit free speech and make it a federal crime to use language that could be perceived as inciting violence, perhaps they should consider crafting a new law. Democrats have recently made it clear that they do not respect the Constitution as a governing document, so they could follow the Supreme Court's example of judicial activism when it established the doctrine of separation of church and state and craft legislation requiring the separation of journalism and politics." -- Lauri B. Regan

Schteveo said...

it seems that the leaders of the Right comes in two styles. Sir Galahad and James Mattoon Scott. The latter is as dangerous as the left because of self righteous ignorance, the former thinks they'll win because their heart is pure.

Oddly, most of us fall in the "normal" middle and can't get those other ends to do anything differently. I'm hoping those we recently sent to D.C will drag them to reality and away from purity and pomposity.

I think Palin is a good. common sense example. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, there are others. Hopefully they'll get us back on track.

BOW said...

She's no Geraldine Ferrara

Schteveo said...

And thank Gongaware for that!!