Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Return To Democracy?

One of the first things a dictator does when taking control of a country is to eliminate, or go around, the peoples representatives. In that way, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Under our form of government, the congress, those who supposedly represent the people, has the role of "advise and consent", meaning they get a say as to who gets these very important positions. That is, until comrade Obummer and his traveling " i'm now your king " road show came to town.

Not surprisingly, our Marxist-in-Chief, like his pal Hugo Chavez, decided to bypass the congress when giving-out some very powerful jobs to his radical Socialist, Marxist, and Communist pals. What better way to get his Leftist agenda shoved down our throats. And, since the entire congress has been in the hands of equally radical socialists for the last three years, comrade Obummer has had a totally free hand. In fact, if you look at his choices, (he calls them "czars" ) you'll find that many of them have direct or indirect ties to American terrorists from the 60's and 70's. (Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Carol Browning, etc.) These people are in positions of power as "advisers", or actual policy-makers. That gives them the authority to make regulations that affect every single aspect of our daily lives, and they don't have to bother asking our elected representatives. Or us!

Now that the House is back in the hands of pro-Americans, Obummer's radical choices will be "reviewed ". Finally. Though the House may not be able to over-ride the Senate and the WH with this and other important matters, they do hold a "very big" ace up their sleeves. THE MONEY! Without the House, nobody can spend a dime! No regulation can be put into effect, nor can it continue, without funding. The House has the Constitutional power to de-fund any agency or program. Hopefully, (we pray) being an Obummer czar will become a totally empty title, void of power, authority, and above all, our money!


Anonymous said...

"It is clear that the left is immune to truth and, probably, indifferent to truth as well. When we hope that somehow logic, facts or wisdom will suddenly grab leftists and make them sane and decent people, then we ignore -- at our peril -- the obvious: leftism is a soul-disease. The first step to curing this malady is understanding that the ones who are sick must first want to be cured."
-- Bruce Walker

Schteveo said...

I don't care GHWB did it or not, it's WRONG!! There is NO mention of 'czar' type offices nor office holders in our LAWS!!

Kill ALL the offices.