Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Anti-Christ Cometh

George Soros is, IMO, one of "the most" dangerous people on this planet. Why? Because of his delusional desire to be "the" world leader, not simply "a" world leader. Because of his apparent ability to con the weak-minded dupes of the far-Left and the MSM. (he now controls over 1,200 radical leftist organizations) And because of his mega-wealth which gives him the ability to accomplish the above, and much, much, more. This is a man who fully intends to control the entire world, in one way or another. And he's off to a very good start.

If we ever come to the point where, in order to save our country and our way of life, the American people decide that certain individuals represent such a clear and present danger to our very survival that they must be eliminated, then surely Soros must be at the top of that list...


Schteveo said...

I don't get how he's allowed to walk around free!!

Cowpill said...

I have a lead injection device for him.

Spider said...

Obviously, America has become a nation that welcomes it's enemies no matter how dangerous they are. Can you think of a faster way to self-destruct?

"If you allow your enemy to sleep in your tent, why then are you surprised to awaken with your throat cut..." --- Sun Tzu

Schteveo said...

Has BECOME, Spider? HAS become? Our left has been dragging us down since the 1700's, and what's new?

Never forget that Hitler was "Time's, 'Man of the Year', in 1938, in 1939 it was Stalin. I keep saying that I WAS reading, and have finished, "A Patriots History of the Untied States".

America has gone through ups and downs before, some of it because of European fighting and monetary policy. We've been fed the idea that politics is MORE rancorous than it used to be. We're a nation of fools, uncouth, ill bred and unschooled COMPARED TO EUROPE.

How does all that dove tail you ask?

Yeah? Ok, lemme set it out as I see it. First, bullshit on all such 'knowledge' bestowed upon us from the left leaning media and left leaning schools and left leaning bureaucracies, that we should follow Europe's lead. (do I detect a theme in there?)
The left has always loved those who oppose all that stuff Superman fought for!!

Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN Way.
(i.e., freedom, and equality, as given by a loving and benevolent God, protected by our ORIGINAL laws.)

Hitler and Stalin were dead set against Superman, so he left originally LOVED their ideas. But killing a few million people was a little off putting for the left. If they hadn't killed all those people, or as many IMHO, FDR would never have fought WWII.

Next, Politics is less rancorous than it used to be. Seriously, When was the last Duel, or Civil War? That's how politics was in the first 90 years of the country. We are supposed to be BIPARTISAN now, in every situation. The definition of Bipartisanship is as follows in 2011, "...I'm from the DNC and YOU have to agree with me in the spirit of bipartisanship, and if you DON'T, I tell lie's about you, call you a racist, or smear your family!" That sounds like the Roman Senate to me. So Joe Biden saying Sarah Palin is a brainless twat ISN'T anything new. Politics has always been mean and nasty.

And now, as to Europe's character and intelligence, if they are so fucking great, smart and genteel, why do they smell so bad, dress so badly and fall out and try to kill each other every 50 years or so for the last 1000 years? I realize it's basically a family squabble over there, but WE had to settle the last two bouts for them, costing billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives.

I'm not impressed with them, in fact, I'd rather be unbred than inbred!!

As to smartER than Americans, what was the last great European invention?

And the Mmontgolfier Brothers don't count!! I mean what did they invent in the LAST 100 years? Traffic Circles? Cloned sheep? COMMUNISM!? I'm not impressed with them, never have been, if that's the sum of it.