Friday, March 4, 2011

Historically Challenged Journalists ( that redundant?)

From the historically challenged folks at "Time".
A Union Divided: South Split on U.S. Civil War Legacy
In 1867, former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest became the first Grand Wizard of a newly formed organization called the Ku Klux Klan. Forrest had been a slave trader before the Civil War; he was also the commanding officer during a battle known as the "Fort Pillow massacre" in Tennessee at which some 300 black Union troops were killed in 1864. (Whether they died in combat or were killed after they surrendered is still a matter of dispute.)

Now, in honor of the Civil War's 150th anniversary, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) are seeking to put Forrest on a Mississippi license plate. But the state government opposes it. When asked to comment on the proposal, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a Republican, told the Associated Press, "It won't become law because I won't sign it."

This article left out some HUGE points of history.
First it was a small number of southerners who actually owned slaves. The Confederacy drafted many more soldiers than ever volunteered. The great majority just wanted to get the 'damned Yankees' off of southern soil and that's why they fought.
(when GWB was President, what would you have done, fight the enemy or sit still if we'd been physically invaded by an army? remember how pissed off you were on 9/11? THAT's the feeling!!)
Next, Nathan Bedford Forrest was a DEMOCRAT before the war, it was DEMOCRATS who ran the slavery south, it was DEMOCRATS who voted to secede, it was DEMOCRATS who fought against civil rights and it was DEMOCRATS who put the Confederate Battle Flag over Southern Statehouses as a sign of the Old South being alive during the civil rights era, the Klan was a DEMOCRAT group and where it exists it's DEMOCRATS in the ranks!!

(even non-klan southerners didn't like Republicans and still don't)

But the article did mention it's a REPUBLICAN refusing to sign the bill, now. Good for you Guv BTW!

My experience tells me that a good southern DEMOCRAT would have slid the license tag bill in under some other PRESSING legislation that was just too important to veto. Then the DEMOCRATS would have blamed George Bush for the whole mess!!! See, I know MY southern history.

Here's my suggestion for Time Magazine readers, and their writers.

Read people, READ! You can't learn this stuff watching college football and 'merican Idol!! Go get a U.S. History book written before 1970, the new ones all say WE started WWII and that we deserved to get beat, and that we were imperialistic, blood thirsty and just got lucky. That's IF they mention WWII at all. The Civil War is done in an even worse manner.


Spider said...

Have you ever known the Left to pass up a chance to knock the South?

Schteveo said...

No, it's even though, they frequently say bad things about NYC, Bean Town, Philly...WAIT, no they don't! It IS disproportionate and total BS.