Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best funny news of the day!!

Hillary Clinton will not stay for a SECOND Term as Sect. of State.
(as if, right?)
And she 'says' she won't run for President again either. Good, on both counts!


Spider said...

Maybe it's because someone finally handed her a mirror.

BOW said...

She had to sneak up on it.

Schteveo said...

I'm surprised she stayed with Bracketwritin' Homeybama THIS long! She's got to see that she'll be damaged goods because she carried out his idiot (non)foreign policy.

That alone will kill her from running. What will she say?

"I knew his policies where bad, but as a good Democrat drone I did the job anyway!"


"I believed in his policies and stood by them right up until the Chinese foreclosed on the WH and we became a Colony."

Either way, she's screwed.

Anonymous said...

She wishes.

Schteveo said...

So long as Janet Napolitano is in D.C. she can get screwed! Of course with JN up there we could get screwed too.


If those 2 started with the lezo sizzers action I do believe the smell itself would be worse than any Nip radiation could ever be.

In any case, 3 wars with Muslims. I'm diggin it. Course I'm for ANY enterprose that kills Muslims. Men 'women' and their pigshit children........................ ESPECIALLY the women and pigshit children.