Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Intel on Japan

I've got a buddy whom I've known for over 30 years who is an engineer. He cut his teeth as a Navy Nuke type. This morning he sent me the following link per my request of him on intel about Fukishima.
Nuclear Engineering Institute



Spider said...

Remember the comment, "never let a crisis go to waste"? Well, that's exactly what the Left is doing. There are still anti-nuke commies left over from the 60's. The problem is, today, some of them are in positions of power, like Rep. Kerry of Mass. This morning, he called for a "moratorium" on all nuclear power facilities. In Leftist lingo, that means a "total halt/ban" on all construction. Once in place, these "moratoriums" can last for decades. If he got his way, the next step would be to stop all the power plants already on line. The result would be what the anti-nuke commies have been after all along. An America void of (any) nuclear power. And as always, they're using fear, hysteria, misinformation, and outright lies to make their case. The culture war rages on.

Cowpill said...

The anti nuke people are also spinnig that the reactor is inherently unsafe. They want all reactors of similar design checked for safety. What they don't say was that the reactors fared well through the earthquake, it was the resulting tsunami that flooded out the back up generators and hence the reason for the original cooling loss. So far it is the lies that are being told as truth.

Schteveo said...

what they are not saying is that they are NOT engineers and have NO expertise to say what IS or IS NOT safe. Yet, the (even) dumber people believe them. Every time a light bulb goes out in the Mens Room of a nuclear plant they scream about fatal consequences. They are neo-luddite boobs, who want the world to be untouched and pristine as it was thousands of years ago.

Of course the premise is completely flawed and false. Combined that with the fact that they have zero idea on how to do any of the things they tout. But they keep right on pushing for it anyway!

And just like Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy and Babs Streisand, they WANT wind and solar, but they are all NIMBYs. And therein lies the rub my children. If you can't build in ANYONE'S backyard, what's left?

What I really love is that every one of these idiots has THE latest technology, complete with Bluetooth hookups. I'm guessing they think the internet and the cell phone, computer and Bluetooth manufacturing plants run on good wishes and magic beans?