Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Official. It's War!

The radical Left has now, "openly and officially" declared war on Fox. This declaration comes from Media-Matters, one of the 1,200 or so Leftist organizations owned and/or controlled by the anti-Christ, George Soros. Yes, i know they attack Fox on a daily basis, but now it's news because this is the first time that i'm aware of that the radical left has actually come out and said so. Normally, they opt for sneak attacks, sniping through 3rd and 4th parties, and cheap shots from their army of bloggers. This time, it's a frontal assault. Why now? Well, there are probably quite-a-few reasons. The 2012 elections. Fox's ratings which are killing the Leftist TV networks. There's also the possibility that the Left, knowing full-well what happened in the Nov. mid-terms, and fearing that, just maybe, with the WH and a bunch of seats in the Senate up for grabs, the same thing could happen in 2012. Perhaps they feel this is the right time to attack while they still control the majority of the MSM, meaning, if Fox does come out on top of this war, the Left can simply spin the facts to make it appear that they have won. As usual. As some of you know, i'm no fan of Fox. I dislike their circus atmosphere, their sensationalizing of everything, their on-air ego-maniacs, their addiction to PC-speak, and their devotion to their #1 priority, showing as many commercials as possible. Also, IMO, they're not as conservative as many believe. Of course, when compared with CNN and MSNBC, they do appear to be right-wing. For those of us who enjoy watching battles, this should be very interesting. Is this the Left fighting for 100% control of all media, and wanting it to be official? Or is this simply some new PR tactic from the masters of the game? (P.S. sorry there are no paragraph breaks, but the site is screwed-up and wouldn't let me)


Schteveo said...

I heard, locally, that a number of groups are going after "Media Matters" 501.3c status.

The line got crossed, supposedly, where "MM" said they are going after Fox to shut them down. And HOW they said they'd do it. I'm guessing that when they quit WATCHING Fox for errors, and began openly advocating 'dirty tricks and sabotage' they've violated their charter somehow.(?)

And I can garauntee that going after the EMPLOYEES of "X" company that you don't like, is ILLEGAL! Could you get away with saying you were going to dig into the backgrounds of, or slander the employees of "Hop-Sing Chinese Take-Out" because you don't like their food? You'd already need a lawyer.

This entire escapade proves just how delusional the American Left can be. But here's the bad part. Soros is not stupid, he's got to knoew this isn't legal. So what's he REALLY got up his sleeve? I don't trust the old Nazi bastard as far as I can pitch him.

Spider said...

No, Soros isn't stupid. He's also not (directly) connected to this, so he's got nothing to lose. But openly stating that you're going to sabotage somebody's business in an effort to destroy them doesn't sound very legal to me. I'm sure Fox has their own army of lawyers, so we'll just wait and see what happens.

BTW, Beck responded to this story yesterday saying we should fight back by loving each other and treating each other with kindness. If there's anything that will stop the rabid, radical Left, it's love and kindness.

BOW said...

Fox still has the hot women.
As far as commercials, that's capitalism. If you don't like commercials, there's PBS.

Spider said...

Hot, if you like air-headed blonds. They seem to have an endless supply of them. Apparently, someone at Fox hates brunettes.