Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tell me something I didn't know

There is a belief among conservative activists that America is becoming too European, too weak
DENISON, Iowa - Republican activists in this key presidential state have a dark, foreboding feeling that America is in decline. They believe the nation is hurtling in the wrong direction, and worse, on the brink of losing its unique place in the world.

That sentiment is hardly new to American politics, but it’s one that’s been reanimated by the presidency of Barack Obama. Some see him as hostile to the notion of American exceptionalism. Others simply don’t believe he’s an American at all.

It’s not that culture wars and tax revolts are about to be displaced in GOP presidential politics by an abstract discussion on what ails Uncle Sam. Rather, the very issues that have typically energized GOP primary voters—such as abortion, faith, gay marriage, debt, military power—are being subsumed into a larger debate about a country in decline.

It’s the idea, held by many conservative activists, that America is becoming too European—weak, feckless and faithless—a spendthrift nation in hock to China and led by an irresolute president who is accelerating the process, either by design or effect.

Amen Mr. Martin, Amen.
This is precisely what started the Tea Party. The whole system we hear from Dems, in every situation, every day, is about some idea from France, Sweden, Germany, blah, blah, blah. Yeah Europe is great, they're way ahead of us, that's why we had to settle two World Wars for them in the 20th Centry.
Most of you know I just moved. I moved from Raleigh, the State Capital, to Clayton, which is still just a small, town in the boonies. It's 25 miles, but here it's like night and day. Raleigh is a college, and professional town, population is 410K, even the Republicans there tend to be moderate.
Clayton was a farm town just a few years ago, and little has changed. Population is just 9700 people, from 2000 to 2010 it grew to that a 39% growth rate. Most of the growth is people like me, tired of congested roads, schools, neighborhoods and liberal politics.
But here's the problem. If the ENTIRE COUNTRY gets too liberal, there is nowhere to run, we're stuck. This is a fight we have to stand and make, wherever we are. And given the new civility and recent events in places like Wisconsin, it's a hard fight. Mostly because even when the Dems / Libs have lost an election, they don't what that means! After 60 or 70 years of control, they act like a spoiled kid who gets told "NO" for the first time.
It's OK though, I know what to do with kids throwing a tantrum. It's just a matter of having enough will to spank some asses.


Spider said...

Well, you're right. Mr. Martin isn't telling us anything we don't already know. Basically, we're talking about the on-going, and increasingly hostile and damaging culture war. For decades, the Left has been trying just about everything they know to re-engineer our society into the illusion they call "the perfect world". Just to prove how off-the-wall these Leftist nitwits really are, they assume those of us on the Right don't want a perfect world. The only difference is, we know there's no such thing as perfection, and they obviously don't.

As for that dark and foreboding feeling that some Republican activists have, i certainly understand them and must admit that i sometime share those feelings. One can't help but get the distinct impression that the Left is always in charge of almost everything! The reason for that is of course, that they control most of what we see, hear, and read, via their control of the MSM, entertainment industry, and acedamia. Very powerful weapons indeed. And when you aim those weapons at a totally distracted, (and not by accident) confused, and in many cases, not very bright public, you get Obummer, Reid, and Pelosi.

The Left has always wanted America to be a true socialist country, even more so than it already is, which is why they use Europe as an example. Of course, what they never tell you is that socialism always fails, and even the Europeans are starting to realize that. That's the reality, but American leftists don't care about reality.

This culture war is (IMO) "the most" dangerous war we've ever fought. Why? Because as Steve says, if we lose, there's nowhere for us to go. We will have to stay here and become slaves/prisoners to whatever the Left dictates, whether it's what we can eat, drive, smoke, say, read, see, hear, and yes, think. That's why, if this war reaches the point where it's "get your gun and take to the streets" time, we MUST fight. It's either fight, or lose. As usual, in the end, the American people usually get (politically) what they deserve. We'll see how many are smart enough to undertsnad what's really at stake.

Guiermo de Escriba said...

That is why I'll be retiring to Costa Rica. At least some of the American Dream is alive there.

Schteveo said...

and if the world goes to hell in a handbasket, you'll be eating monkey meat and plantains three meals a day.

But WAIT, we're WAY over blowing all this stuff. I just read that our Fearless Leader was 'busy' taping his NCAA BASKETBALL PICKS this morning!! I gotta tell you, and tis will sound racist as hell. But let's suppose GWB had spent a morning taping an ESPN Special for NASCAR, while Rome burned around him, as it is today. The MSM would be screaming about redneck, white-bread, inbred, do nothing...

But if the head NIGGAH takes the morning fo sum B-Ball tapin, niggah, itz all GOOT up in here!!! They ain no probs, mu'fucggit bruh, mu'fuggit!

I do think Martin is wrong about coordinated efforts by Obama. This asshole is too fucking stupid for that. But the socialists around him certainly are not.

Jody said...

You people are so what I expect on sites like this. Rich, paranoid, racists.

Even a President doesn't work 24 hours a day. Mr. Obama has done an exceptional job, if you think about the mess Bush left and with all the obstructionists that have tied his hands since he was elected.

Get a grip will you, or maybe just say a prayer. Yeah, that always help, praying to your God. Look at the marvelous job he's doing now.

Anonymous said...

Jody, have you looked into Thorizine?

Schteveo said...

what the hell makes you think anyone here us rich? And we're not paranoid, we're just looking at the world through the lens of reality and experience.

I think you're a troll that surfed in here looking for arguments. I'm not biting, I'll discuss, but I'm not going to let you turn this place into HuffPo.

And having said that, just WHEN did the republicans have the votes to obstruct anything? And how is it that Bush spending "X" was wrong, but Obama spending 3 times "X" is right? And where are the jobs? And the shovel ready projects?

Good try, but we can read here, so we know better!

Well Endowed said...

Jody, Jody, Jody!

Come and check out my wealth

Grip this said...

" Mr. Obama has done an exceptional job"

Shirley you jest

Schteveo said...

Jody's mom must have made him turn off the lights in the basement and go to bed!?

Anonymous said...

Him/her/it, you mean