Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Left = Love, Tolerance, & Civility

As we all know, those of us on the Right are filled with hate, rage, and violence. We know this because those on the Left keep telling us so. We also know it because we hear it from the MSM on an almost daily basis. In fact, we're so bad, with our Bibles, beer, guns, and American flags, that the Left had to invent specific "hate crime" laws simply to protect themselves from us.

Of course, there's one big problem with all that. It's the "fact" that every time we see hatred, intolerance, and violence, it's coming from the radicals of the Left. That's not a fact that you'll get from the leftist MSM. It's a fact you will see with your own eyes, if they're open. Why do these lies about us continue? Because we allow them to. It's time to put a stop to the lies and fight back, assuming we still have some will left...


Schteveo said...

Here's what I said about this story over at Transterrestrial Musings:

I think this situation in Madison, it’s being spread nationwide by the MSM pushing it and the Presidents backing of the teachers shows just how the left is willing to, quite literally, destroy the country to get their way. They’d rather take everyone in WI down in an economic collapse than give up any portion of their current pay scale, job security and retirement.

This has NOTHING to do ‘with the kids’. Not one kid alive ever got a better education because Miss Crabapple knew she was set for life because of her union contract.

Lying, cheating, stealing, destroying property and playing hooky IS the New Leftist Civility. Then again, how is any of that new for them?

If you let them have their way, even when they are in the minority position, you get typical Democrat, nasty, name calling, mean spirited “civility”. This is precisely the time where they say conservatives / Republicans want to starve children, kill old people, murder entire species and make ALL fresh water disappear from the earth’s surface.

If you DO NOT let them have their way, and remind them that they are in the minority position, based on the voters wishes last November, they will just destroy everything in their path, in order to cause so much trouble and dissension that the Republicans will (hopefully) give in. It’s the same way spoiled children act when they don’t get a new toy!

I can tell you it’s a good thing I’m not the Governor up there. I say treat them like a child throwing a tantrum. Let the spankings begin!

I’d be arresting every union type who I had on video using words and phrases like ‘destroy’, ‘bloody’, ‘kill’, ‘burn down’, etc, and I’d charge them with old fashioned “Creating Mayhem Statutes”.

Every teacher that presented a ‘sick day’ note for those days where they were protesting, that I had clearly visible on video AT the protests, would be fired. Most union contracts HAVE clauses dealing with cheating or lying to get sick time.

I might be a one term governor for being a notorious hard ass. But the budget would be balanced and the schools would be in better shape when I left.

Spider said...

Well said. One of the things that bothers me about the "highly orchestrated" protests in WI. is that i'm not seeing, hearing, or being shown/told what the other 5 million residents of WI. actually think about what their gov. is doing. Sure there are plenty of media polls, but they seem to vary greatly depending on which MSM liars you listen to. Are the people in favor of the governor trying to save their state, which is exactly what he said he'd do when they elected him, or are they siding with the communist teachers unions? And if they do agree with the gov, why aren't they more vocal?