Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anybody looking for a good read?

Here's a book that will make your MFing head explode!!! My brains are laying across the room right now, as I type this.
Go get a copy of

"The Third Terrorist: the Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing"

by Jayna Davis.
I bought mine for $10 including shipping from Amazon. Those of you in large cities can probably find it in a used book store. I looked in BOTH of the local used book stores, couldn't find it, but I digress.
This book lays out, and verifies, the connection between McVeigh & Nichols, Ramzi Yousef (he built the TWC bomb in 1993), Osama bin Laden, the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, the worldwide Islamic Terror Organization in general, 9/11 and various people of Radical Islamic background who are STILL wandering America freely! For instance, Hussain Al-Hussaini

It proves in countless ways how Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and numerous Congress critters in those days and numerous Federal Offals since then, including GWB and his administration and the current WH goon squad, have ALL ignored the true facts of the case.
If you've ever thought that the reports about the OK City bombing were not quite right, THIS is the book to read.


Spider said...

I recall preacher Beck talking about this a couple of weeks ago. Is it possible? Anything's possible when you're talking about people who have limitless power.

Personally, i've never been comfortable with the notion that McVeigh would do so much damage to innocent people just to get back at the govt. But while i haven't read this book, i put little value in the Islamic connection. Why would they need to involve McVeigh and Nichols? Did they recruit any Americans for 9-11 or the first WTC bombing? If they had, there would've been no need to risk being discovered by flying 19 people in from Saudi Arabia. But rather than involve (and trust) "infidels", they did take that risk, even though it wasn't much of a risk given the fact that America was asleep.

As for the books facts, (again, keep in mind i haven't read it so i'm not saying they're not facts) it's not very difficult to make assumptions, rumor, innuendo, lies, and opinions appear as facts. The MSM does it every day.

Schteveo said...

remember just last week, Rep. Peter King started holding hearings on AMERICANS being attached to the Islamofascists. And he was taking a verbal ass whipping over it too. Why, even Al Sharpton was outraged over it!!

The idea that they used two disgruntled, idiot ex-Army guys isn't all that hard to believe to me. If they are getting caught recruiting Americans NOW, why should we throw out the concept that it started in the early 90's? Hells bells, how many groups, singles and pairs have they caught in the last few years? King's group 'estimated' 200, but the 'Patriot Act' keeps him from getting ACCURATE numbers.

OK, the guy who runs the committee on homegrown terrorists in CONGRESS isn't allowed to know how many homegrown terrorists the government has asctually caught. Then WHO DOES KNOW?? Undountedly some lifelong, unelected bureaucrat. If King can't get that intel, why should we believe the government is telling YOU or ME the truth about OK City?

But seriously, this woman has done her homework. She's got some pretty big dogs in her corner as having vetted her intel. Read de book mon!!

Never forget that Janet Reno ran the FBI then, for Clinton, what's NOT possible!?

The underlying thing on the bombings was NOT ever saying it was Jihadists. And, evidently, once an Administration has lied about something, the NEXT Administration is (stupidly) honor bound to keep up the lie.

It's the same kind of ridiculous thinking that keeps them dithering over Roswell, NM for 60 friggin' years. They never JUST deny it was flying saucers, NO, that's too easy. They make up such foolish and unbelievable stories that telling them would make a 10 y/o cookie thief blush with embarrassment. Just watching the shit they do daily, plus the intel in this book, makes me believe Jayna ZDavis and not the government.

I don't own the publishing rights, so read the book. Up there, it's in the NYC Public Library. Mid-Manhattan, Fifth Floor, catalog number 976.638 D.

(hows that for service!)

Just read the damned book.

Spider said...

LOL, i'll do that.
I'm well aware that Al-Q has "active" people here, not only foreigners, but American converts as well. In fact, there are so many anti-American groups here that Al-Q will probably have far more people than they'll need. I'm also aware that they'll use those converts even before they use their own countrymen who are here, because those American converts will fit in more easily. My opinion above was dealing directly with OK. City, where i still don't see an Islamic connection. Could McVeigh have been duped or conned by Al-Q? Sure, but i really don't believe that. He wasn't anti-American. He was anti-govt, like a lot of us are, albeit to different degrees.

As for Pete King, (and i'm a fan of his) the reason he's getting some much flak is because the Left has decided it will defend Islam. Also, the Left hates King so much that they would attack him no matter what he was looking into. He's got a tough road ahead of him, since he'll get no help from this govt. nor most of his colleagues, and that includes Republicans.

Schteveo said...

Listen, what's that noise?

OH, it's crickets!

BOW said...

What are crickets?