Friday, March 4, 2011

Is it time to re-Invade Mexico? Yet?

The Mexican army has ordered three junior officers and 10 soldiers to stand trial on drug trafficking and organized crime charges after they were allegedly caught with more than a ton of methamphetamines and 66 pounds (30 kilograms) of cocaine.

The soldiers were arrested last week with drugs at a military checkpoint south of Tijuana, across the border from San Diego. They are being charged within the military justice system.

The Defense Department said in a statement it will "in no way tolerate" such acts.

Tons? Pounds? Meth, Coke? Those are drugs that are generally taken in doses weighed in grams or half grams or even quarter grams!! There are roughly 27.2 grams to an ounce and 435.5 grams to a pound. That's near about 100,000 hits of meth and a MILLION or so of nose candy.
This WAS millions and millions of doses of drugs that undoubtedly were not going to be sold in TJ, but on the streets of SoCal and AZ most likely. Does any one of us think they were the only group doing this, or that this was their first trip?!!
How long will our 'leaders' (I just threw up in my mouth a little) how long will our 'leaders' sit on their fat elected asses and allow Mexican thugs, crooks, drug runners, brick layers, and God knows who or what else, cross into AMERICA at will!!!
Anyone here ever been to Tijuana? It's a tourist trap. And if you screw up, it can be a VERY expensive tourist trap. It's easy to get locked up, hard to get out. The people are poor and the gub'ment just doesn't give a flying fig about them. It is just the opposite of life in San Diego.
But unless we do something about our borders, this stuff will continue. And I have to tell you, I'm an absolute libertarian on drug policy. If the money and smugglers were gone from the border, so would most of the violence. So we need to either legalize drugs HERE, or take over and run things down THERE.

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Spider said...

Well, i agree with a lot that you're saying, but the last thing i'd want to see is us "taking over" in Mexico, even though, unofficially, we did just that a long time ago via military aid, political interference, and boatloads of cash.

Look, until we wake-up and understand that Mexico, and parts south, are a greater threat to our security and sovereignty than Iraq and Afghanistan are, or ever were, combined, we will not clean up this "very dangerous" mess, which is not just at our border, but which has now infected every major city and town in the nation. IMO, our govt. and our nation of weak, mindless people, have allowed this country to be over-run by tens-of-millions of people who's only goal and ambition is not to assimilate into the American way of life, but to totally drain us of everything we have, and turn America into the slums of Mexico. In fact, you can see proof of this everywhere they settle. And that's not even the hard-core criminal element i'm talking about.

If the present situation continues, and i see no real effort to change or stop it, this (will) IMO, end America as we have known it. America will simply become a northern province of Mexico, the province that pays all the bills and supplies all the goodies. as is plain to see, there are many places in the south, (ie. the southern parts of AZ, Mexas, CA. FL.) where this transformation has already taken place, albeit unofficially. In fact, this is exactly what the radical pro-illega Marxist groups are calling for. The "reclamation". And, they mean it!

Bring ALL of our warriors home from around the world and let them do what is in fact, their duty. To protect America from a "genuine" threat...