Friday, March 4, 2011

A Friday UN-Funny...or is it "the horse you rode in on!!!!"

Several months ago, we talked about activity and contribution here at used to be Kim's, she's not really Kim she's really Annie, then she left and we don't know why or where, or whatEVER.
Originally we posted stuff both locally where we each live OR nationally if we found something noteworthy and it wasn't already posted. That system was great as it kept us all in the loop, with the world going to hell in a hand basket, from each of our local areas. It allowed us to see that none of us was

A.) insane for thinking the world was about to burn

B.) kept us talking and planning HOW to solve our national and local problems

Having said that, WE have NOW devolved to me and Spider talking to each other via this site. Once in a while, other people will post something. IF you have moved elsewhere, you could at least let us know WHERE that other national / local intel venue is. If you're just DONE with this site, just SAY SO please. I'll get Spider's phone number and just CALL him when I want to "conversate" as the young folks say!
I get that life is busy, I get that we're all always moving forward, but I think this site let each of us know what was happening elsewhere. More than once I got an idea from one of you THERE that allowed or pushed me to do something HERE.
I never heard of Ron Paul until I was here. He sure as HELL wasn't getting air time from the MSM. I never heard of Glenn Beck until I was here. Again, he wasn't on my local radar. But because of you here, I saw Beck MONTHS before most because someone here pointed me to his show at CNN. I would never have looked at CNN for anything.
Hell's bells and cockle shells, I heard the story about a veteran speaking at Columbia and the idiot response he got up there. BUT unlike most Americans, that story wasn't JUST about some veteran, it became about OUR extended family!! I felt for the guy to start with, but I was LIVID when I found out that he was alan's brother.
It DID make it different to me.
Folks, you may not believe this, but as a Christian and an old hippie, I firmly believe in the Family of Man, and I absolutely believe that blood is NOT the only thing that makes a family. I once thought there was a connection here that might someday be good for all of us. I thought there was a 'mi casa es su casa' thing going on here given that WE were talking about SHTF way LONG before it hit the general populace.
Was I in the minority thinking that, OR has this, like much in life in the too fast 21st Century, run it's useful course?
Steve in NC


blue said...

me & Chronos be at

andCaption This!

come on over

BOW said...

What am I, Chopped liver?

And you can come play there too!

I've got lots of morons there.

srk and Lemmiwinks and Ron and Archie and.....

BTW- I don't think "Annie" was her real name

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading, just not much time to post-CFC

Schteveo said...

just nod and say, "uh huh", once in a while.

Billy O,

you are not chopped liver, nor chicken liver not even duck liver, but you don't post as often as you used to either.

I'll check 'em out.

Lonely Spider said...

Has our little family grown up and gone their own way?

Will we allow TT3 to out-live us?

Is Missy still married?

Are the rumors true that Kim/Annie was/is in reality, Poots?

Have we grown tired of each other?

Is this the end of Rico?

BOW said...

I don't have author privileges since Kim left for some reason....but my "friend" does.

Spider said...

Whew! I was gonna start calling you Sybil.

rocky said...

I come here quite often to read the opinions and interactions. Most of the time I don't have anything to add - I just like the likemindedness. You might try a counter to let you know how many people visit without posting.

That said, here is a similar site: