Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Class Struggle, Taxes and Brainless Idiots.

Video of unions, socialists, professors and teachers. From Glenn Beck's "The Blaze".
Honestly, I'm speechless over this video. And anyone who is a regular here should know I tend toward being verbose and bellicose. But this has me stymied, quiet and befuddled. Just watch it. And try not to weep. Because it's sad.


Schteveo said...

I didn't want to give the punch line on the front page, so I put it here.

DID HE OR DID HE NOT CHARGE $20.00 FOR A PAMPHLET THAT COSTS $2.00 TO MAKE!!!!!!! ???That means, shock upon shock, that Mr. Lewis started or helped start "X" entity. Then "X" entity created a product. As an agent of "X" entity Mr. Lewis sold that product for MORE than it costs to create it.

That's called PROFIT. Even IF they plow every dime BACK into the ISR as an ENTITY it's profit.

And is it me, or do these liberal commie twits ALL look alike? First they need to leave their mothers basements or their rent controlled apartments in the day time and get some color on their pasty cheeks!! The guys all look alike with their knit caps over their ears and foreheads, INDOORS in the climate controlled environment. WHY?!

I'm thinking of printing 400 or 500 Che t-shirts and posters and sell them to these idiots and donate the money to the Tea Party. I'd make a killing. Anyone want in on the ground floor?

I seem to have limbered up after the initial shock of hearing that jackass.

Schteveo said...

OH, and the chicks all need a brush or a comb!!

Spider said...

Good idea bud, but a bit too late as i'm sure they already have their Che shirts and posters.

I saw the video of that cretin. He is living proof that our public education system has been totally corrupted by the radical left. He's a full-blown communist and i'll bet doesn't even know why other than the sound-bites and catch phrases he's been fed. He is why i am a firm believer in mandatory military service.

Schteveo said...

You were never in the military? Hell, I joined way back when the draft has just ended, I went in with guys who were ALL volunteers, and some of those volunteers weren't cut out for it!!

You can't draft and make the stupid and unwilling conform. In do think some 2 yr mandatory federal service should exist. In Israel those who are pacifists or physically unable to join the IDF do other things. Switzerland is about the same.

It could happen here too.

Could that goof ball commie douche bag kid be a policeman? I doubt it.