Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is America finished with Katie Cutiepie?

GOD, I hope so!!!
The CBS Evening News a is very likely to leave in June, and Scott Pelley is a top contender to replace her—but CBS is looking both within and outside the network, Howard Kurtz reports. Plus, behind the CBS News shakeup.

The search is on for Katie Couric’s successor.

The new CBS News chairman, Jeff Fager, is looking at candidates both within and outside the network, insiders say.

One strong contender if Couric vacates the anchor chair in early June, as now seems almost certain, is veteran newsman Scott Pelley. The 60 Minutes correspondent has long been a favorite of Fager, who doubles as the show’s executive producer. But with Fager taking a methodical approach to his first major decision, Pelley is not a lock. A few short weeks ago, the expectation in the Couric camp—after discussions with top CBS management—was that she would sign a new deal to stay in the anchor’s job through the 2012 elections as she figured out the next phase of her career. But the thinking on both sides has now changed as Couric has aggressively tested the waters—and found substantial interest in her services.

I've never really been a Kouric fan, I think she's fakey and not too bright. But what tore it for me, was when she attacked James Dobson over his support of the "Promise Keepers" rallies. This was just months after the "Million Man March". And when I say attacked, I mean claws out, '...who do you think you are?", kind of typical liberal, anti-Christian thinking.
Basically, she's against WHITE men gathering in large groups. And she intimated that more than 6 white men meeting together usually leads to lynchings or torch lit marches and swastikas.
If she never hit the airways again, I wouldn't miss her. Evidently her ratings prove the rest of America concurs.


blue said...

yea, but I'd do her

Shit cunt said...

Do her? I'd stick a rabid gerbil up her cunt and shit in her mouth

Assmar Sucker said...

Cutie pie? More like GIZ PIE.WITH DOUCHE POO inside.

Spider said...

The country would be a much better place if she were right about the 6White guys.

BOW said...

I have seen her close up in person, even with the make-up....Steve....she's all yours! Hope you like "Crisco"

Schteveo said...

Like I said Bill, I'm not a fan. And I threw up just a little at your suggestion.


I started calling her 'Katie Cutiepie' after she was announced for the job. Some other CBS talking head, lib said she was , "...all at the same time, hard-nosed and cute. America loves her like a little sister."

Yuck, again.