Monday, March 14, 2011

A "Diverse" Military?

Now that gays can serve openly in our military, the next logical step for the Left would be to make sure gays are pushed up the ranks into positions of great authority, with decision-making powers that could change the very foundation of our military. Just think how proud Nanny Pelosi would be if the next Chair-man (?) of the Joint Chiefs was a lesbian. Imagine a meeting with the world's military leaders where the U.S. is represented by some queen in a uniform. I'll bet that'll get us plenty of respect. It happens every time diversity is introduced into an existing government or private-sector entity.

We all know by now that when the word "diversity" is used, it means some left-wing social engineers are going to push "their PC-ized idea" of fairness down our throats. The very same thing was done in the NYPD just after "His Majesty" Bloomberg bought NY's City Hall. Now, you have 300 lb, 4-ft tall lesbians in command positions. Line organizations created for gays only, and constant whining about where they can, and can't, work, not to mention the occasional "romantic" flare-up.

Many of us believe political correctness has been the most destructive force to infect our society in many generations. It has changed how we live our daily lives, how we act, how we deal with others, and has actually changed our language. No longer can you say what you think. No longer is the truth important. Now what's important is that you haven't "offended" someone or something. In fact, being "offended" has become a huge money-making industry for some, thanks to the liars. Oops, i mean lawyers.

I wouldn't look to the Marxist-in-Chief or his radical administration to put a stop to this insanity, especially since it had to originate in, or with the backing of, the WH. Is this what Obummer meant by "civility"? And, if he's concerned about trying to get along with Mooselambs, (yeah, right) does he know what radical Mooselambs think of gays?


Spider said...

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Schteveo said...

I had the same thought the other day. But I said lesbian midget.

Anonymous said...

That's unfair to midgets.