Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Is it shocking news to learn that the hard-core Left is made-up of liars who manipulate the truth simply to keep their political power? No, not at all, but it is nice (albeit very rare) to see one of them get busted while doing it, and by members of their MSM.

Yesterday, during what was supposed to be a private conference call, NY Sen. comrade Chuck (lens-lice) Schumer, (BTW, we call him lens-lice because it is said that the most dangerous place to be standing in DC is between Chuckie and a TV camera that's been turned on) was heard telling his fellow Demoncrat Leftist senators what to say, and how to say it, with emphasis on the word "extreme", so that all the blame for the typical stalemate in congress would be blamed on the Republicans, and of course, the Tea Party. Yes, we know this is something the Demoncrats do every day, but when was the last time they were caught on tape.

And to prove how delusional these Leftists really are, all of the Leftist media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, were using the very word in their reporting of congressional goings on as comrade Chuckie had told them to say, and, it was "after" the story broke about him getting busted! Obviously, they believe if you simply ignore something, it'll go away. How typical...


Schteveo said...

I saw this story yesterday. And I looked around for it this morning some.

Oddly, it's very UNDER REPORTED in the MSM.

Is it even remotely possible, the media is IN on the scamming and lying? Certainly not, they are professional journalists. They'd never do that or be complicit in skulduggery, would they?

You bet your ass they have, do, are, will, be, and mostly always will, carry the water for the socialists scumbags. No matter how dirty or dangerous the left is or becomes.

They'd rather rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven, I think is the perfect analogy.

Chuck U. Charlie said...

I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

A quote from the former NYC street thug;

"The Tea Party is advocating states rights ... States rights has always been the enemy of civil rights. The idea of the civil rights movement was for the federal government to protect citizens not leave them alone. So the very basis of the Tea Party is antithetical to civil rights."
-- Al Sharpton, (sworn enemy of inalienable individual liberty)

Cowpill said...

Just when I think he has sais the dunbest thing ever............. He keeps talking!

Schteveo said...

Yeah, states rights equals segregation and lynchings. What a stupid remark.