Friday, March 18, 2011

An Old Trick

In the wild, many animals do whatever they can to make themselves appear bigger than they actually are when confronted by a predator. It's essential for survival. Birds will usually spread their wings. Some fish and reptiles actually bloat themselves to look bigger.

Some people try this tactic also. Some years ago, black activists, when making demands and not getting the attention they wanted, went from shouting "Black Power" to "Blacks and Latinos". This obviously created the appearance of greater numbers, thus more power, even though there was never much love between the two groups. It appears the dying labor movement is now trying that same old trick.

During a recent speech, Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, and a close ally and supporter (and dupe?) of the Communist Party of America, is trying to equate the labor movement with the civil rights movement. In other words, if you don't support his movement, you're a racist. After having lost a big battle in Wisconsin recently, and realizing that today, only about 7% of American workers are union members, he needed to make his group appear much larger than they actually are. What better tactic for a Communist to use, but race. The Communists have been using race for decades to divide the American people. They had a very strong presence back in the 60's when MLK was marching around. In fact, it's been said that "they" were the driving force behind him and the entire movement, just as the Communist ANC did years later in South Africa using a handy dupe, Nelson Mandella.

Each day, we see more evidence from these Leftist union criminals that they mean to go for broke in their battle against the American tax payers. They've been having a party for decades at our expense, and they mean to keep that party going no matter how broke we are, or how much violence it takes...


Schteveo said...

And his UNION Teachers = POOR BLACKS & CHICANOS will SO backfire on him, that he'll be lucky to keep his gig.

There are several things at work. He's got to be pissing off black teachers who were the 1st ones in their family to get a HS diploma, much less a teaching degree. He's pissing off the teachers who don't want to be in the union, but are legally bound to it, who are middle-class, white people, and don't consider themselves as the new civil rights cause.

Lastly, he's already pissed off the voting tax payers from both sides of the aisle, because Joe Average tax payer doesn't have that good a deal at his job. I get that the Mayor, Governor and such make more than Average Joe. But I, and damned few people, get WHY teachers should make more for NINE MONTHS of work than most of us get for TWELVE MONTHS!!

Obama and his handlers moved too quickly, in too many directions and last November proves it. If they keep this kind of thing up for another 20 months, some of the Democrats might be lucky to get out alive. They can't ignore $4 a gallon gas and $2 for canned vegetables. Americans will not let their kids go hungry while Obama golfs and picks basketball teams for ESPN.

They will riot and hang people first.

Hang 'Em High Spider said...

Finally. I've been working on a new knot.

Schteveo said...

A 13 loop noose works just as it always has!