Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Non-War War

The Marxist-in-Chief has told us that we're not at war. That's funny because i was under the impression that when you fly over an independent, sovereign nation and drop bombs on them and fire missiles at them, killing their military forces, that's a war. Apparently, i'm a bit old fashioned in my thinking.

It's also been very interesting (albeit not surprising) to watch the always-anti-govt., (except with the Obummer administration) Leftist media agreeing with comrade Obummer and calling for Qaddafi's demise, while weeping for the poor, anti-govt. "rebels", who they claim, "are being slaughtered by the millions". Odd how they have no video to back that claim up, even with thousands of media people and their cameras on the ground. Hmm... To be fair, it's not just the notoriously anti-war Demoncrats who are calling for us to go there and bomb stuff, but it's also some Republicans. And it's all in the name of helping the "poor rebels", who, after all, only want "democracy and to be free". At no time since this started, has anyone bothered to ask the question, "but who exactly are these (rebels)" ? Only now, after the bombs have been dropped, after the Tomahawks have been fired, and after our warriors are once again being called "murderers", do we start to realize that perhaps, we have really screwed-up again as we did in Afghanistan when the so-called "rebels" there were fighting the Russians with our help, weapons, and money. Those rebels turned into Al-Qaeda. Now it seems, the so-called "poor rebels" of Lybia may in fact be, Al Qaeda fighters and/or supporters.

If anyone ever asks you the question, "what happens when you take a local Marxist agitator off his street corner and make him the POTUS", you now know the answer...


BOW said...

Can any one else say WWIII? I've been saying it .... quietly for months now....trying to be in denial.... but it's getting more and more apparent that this is what's happening.

And we as a nation, the world at large, is in bigger delial and appeasement mode.

Spider said...

You may not be that far off. And if we're going to keep sending our troops to fix everyones problems, do you think they'll have to start the draft again?

Anonymous said...


Finding out that the rag tag band of insurgents you are helping in their fight against the Libyan tyrant are the same al qaeda rat bastards that our warriors are trying to snuff in Afghanistan.

Schteveo said...

Since Lyndon Johnson quit, no Democrat has wanted to say WAR, much less fight one. And they want to run it on a shoestring, instead of blowing the shit outta stuff and getting it over with.

Like I said before, we need to Man UP, literally, in Afghanistan and Iraq and drive these murdering jerks into a pile in Tehran, then we need to kill, kill, kill as many as we can.

You've been saying it for months? I got lambasted for saying it when we were all still at John Ray's supposed Free Speech web site!!!

Bill, of course it's WWIII.

But only historians get to say when it started, and it's always after the fact. WWII started in 1938, when Hitler took over Austria.

WWI started when the Archduke was shot.

And, IMHO, WWIII officially started in 1993 when they bombed the WTC the FIRST time. It was the first attack on U.S. soil. Think about it, we've been attacked periodically since then.

But the REAL defining moment was in 1979 when the Iranians took our Embassy Staff. In all reality, and hind sight, that may really be it, beings I'm playing amateur historian here, I get to pick.

The problem is, our response has been BS and weak. Let's face it, even under Reagan we abandoned the Afghan people which allowed bin Laden's thugs to take over!! Since then, we've gotten weaker and they've gotten more brazen by the day. Just like before WWI and WWII. Same shit, different dumbass in the WH.

I don't think we will have nor do we need a draft. Little known to the public, 5 or 6 years ago, the bone heads in D.C. raised the recruiting test score by TWO points. I'm talking, for example, from a low B to pass to a high B to pass the ASVAB and be allowed to enter the military. It was, under some such weasel worded pronouncement like the following,

"...a necessary move to ensure only top notch recruits for the new, modern, computer driven military of the 21st Century...".

The quarter after that, was THE first quarter where we 'failed' to make recruiting goals. Hmmm, could there be a connection? This leaves out the typical decimation of our military when some idiot Dem holds the WH. If we put the scores back, we'd have more qualified people than we'd ever need. Numbers of prospective troops like we had BEFORE they changed the score to start with!!

And the concept that even a HS drop out NOW, can't run computerized eqpt, is THE dumbest thing I ever heard. These are all kids who grew up with video games and computers. Their cell phones are more powerful than the computers that flew us to the moon! How, then, can ANY of them be under qualified?

(and as a former HS drop out, that 'too stupid for even HS' stereotype really PISSES ME OFF)

Think about the fact that we just cut out HALF of the 'B' students in the country. Most of us would kill if our kids were low B students!! Anyway, we don't need a draft, we need to open up the scores, increase manning levels, to where they were 10 years ago, and just allow the kids who want IN to get In.

From the personal side, my younger son has tried 3 times to get back into the Marines. Even though they are short handed in his specialty AND his pay grade, he can't re-enlist. They just aren't taking former members back like we have in the past. I can't imagine that he's the only one.

There is NO need for a draft. We just need someone in the WH who will tell the truth about fighting a war, not a 'kinetic military action'. We need someone who will go after our invader enemies, whether their name is Achmed or Alejandro!!

Spider said...

Def. Sec. GATES says; "Libya Posed No Threat to U.S., Was Not 'Vital National Interest' to Intervene..."

I understand your point Steve, but if we're going to get rid of every foreign leader who's people are unhappy with, we're gonna need a whole lot more troops! Of course, if that is what we were going to do, we should start right here at home. Personally, i see no need for our warriors to be fighting anywhere other than our southern border. That's where the real threat to our country is. Then again, if you believe the stats, maybe we shouldn't even bother. Why? Because America will be no more in 30-40 years. We'll simply be Northern Mexico with a population that's projected to be "well over 55% Spanish".

Also, i agree that our war with radical Islam really started when our embassy was taken in Iran. Had we nuked them then, none of this would be happening today, since Iran is the home base/mother ship for all terrorism.