Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HIS people? Mr. Holder, aren't we ALL your people?

Eric Jamooga Ruhallah Washington LAW-Man Holder (don't most of "his" people have African, Muslim, and / or Street Names? Yo dog, I'm jes' sayin'. and more blacks are named Washington than whites, it's the blackest name in America) but I digress, Mr. Holder has decided to SIDE with HIS people over the Black Panther voter case in Philly. Actually he said "MY" people.
Attorney General Eric Holder finally got fed up Tuesday with claims that the Justice Department went easy in a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they are African American.

Holder's frustration over the criticism became evident during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing as Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused the Justice Department of failing to cooperate with a Civil Rights Commission investigation into the handling of the 2008 incident in which Black Panthers in intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia.

The Attorney General seemed to take personal offense at a comment Culberson read in which former Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the incident the most serious act of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career.

"Think about that," Holder said. "When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people," said Holder, who is black.

Holder noted that his late sister-in-law, Vivian Malone Jones, helped integrate the University of Alabama.

Let me ask a question? What do you think the MSM would have said or done IF John Ashcroft, Mike Mukasey or even Roberto Gonzales had gone on record saying they were dropping or prosecuting a federal case based on "MY People"? Michael Moore would have gotten two movies and a PBS Special out of the new racism if those guys had SAID the words "MY People". Sean Penn would be picketing Mukasy's house. The LGBT crowd would be screaming about gay rights. (this case doesn't have anything to do with gay rights, but they'd get it in there)
Mr. Holder as THE most powerful lawyer in the country, we are ALL your people. Protect us ALL. Siding with the Black Panthers NOW doesn't have anything to do with the wrongs of the past. (and if anyone is offended by my stringing our Mr. Holders name above, I was just trying to show my solidarity, connection and familiarity WITH Mr. Holder's people. Being a southerner, with southern roots going back over 300 years, and if you believe some anthropologists, that means I have African blood in me. Doesn't THAT make ME included in HIS people?)
And WTF does his late sister-in-law's actions have to do with this? My grandfather fought for the Teamsters Union to help get it recognized in the 20's and 30's, but that doesn't give ME any attachment to unions NOW. For good OR bad that was Pop's doings. Mr. Holder was playing Seven Degrees of Separation with this topic. BFD on that.


Spider said...

I watched his appearance before that committee and they didn't go after him nearly as hard as they should've. He was the epitome of arrogance all through his "non-answers". He did a lot of verbal dancing, but didn't answer anything. Of course, if he had answered, he would have had to tell them that both he and his boss are racists and liars. He would also have had to admit that DOJ has been filled with radical leftists and racists.

With each passing day, and watching how this administration acts, i am becoming more convinced that the 2012 election, (assuming we have an election and not a "national emergency") may very well be the most corrupt election this country has ever seen! Yes, even more crooked than JFK's win. Why? Because IMO, this bunch (will not) walk away from all this power simply because of the voters. With all the violent demonstrations going on around the world, and now starting here also, a "national emergency" could easily be declared, especially with the help of the MSM. I just wonder if the American people would even react.

Schteveo said...

Violent stupid assholes is why I own guns and started stocking foods for long term needs.

E. H. said...